March 27-31, 2017


March Folders are due!



Spirit Day on Wednesday-Students can wear crazy socks and shoes (ie:  colorful, patterned sicks with colorful must follow handbook guidelines)


This week in K...

Language Arts:  

Phonemic Awareness: Beginning, Middle and Ending Sounds

Sight Word:  when

Phonics Sound: The digraph ch

Phonics Reader:  The Log

Math:  Constructing, Drawing and Sorting Shapes

Religion:  Lent, Preparing for Seder

Science:  Force





Looking Ahead…

April 5-Stations of the Cross, 1:00pm

April 13-Noon Dismissal-Seder Meal-Holy Thursday

April 14-No School-Good Friday

April 17-21-No School-Easter Vacation

April 24-Earth Day Movie-walk to Alameda Theater