Weekly Update 

I enjoyed meeting with all of you doing conferences.  

A gentle reminder about the school uniform policy- please refer to the handbook or  link to it on the homepage of the website for the guidelines. Thank you for your compliance.


Mrs. Sturlini


Here's a look at what we're working on:

English Language Arts

  • reading:  Fix-it  and  Ben's Shop
  • narrative writing-"where I went,"  checking for capitalization and end marks 
  • handwriting
  • reading and rereading
  • memory words:  where   what   shy   when   which   who
  • /ch/ sound & /sh/ sound


  •  addition & subtraction with dominoes
  • using <  >  = symbols
  • finding the best strategy for addition
  • 2 dimensional shapes


  • Jesus is with us when we pray
  • God's word teaches us 


  •  sound-communication


Important dates to remember:

  • October 17-Harry Potter Math Night
  • October 19-Art Docent
  • October 20-$5 free dress for Hurricane Relief
  • October 25-Parent Ed Night
  • October 30-free dress for October birthdays
  • October 31-minimum day
  • November 1-All school mass for All Saints Day




Other Teacher websites that involve our class

Spanish (Señora Romero)  Physical Education (Mr. Croft) Music (Ms. Holly)