Weekly Update 

We will welcome a new friend, Ava, to first grade on Monday.  I know the first graders are all excited.

Our walking field trip to the Alameda Library will take place on April 28, when we return from Easter.  Thank you to the Gordon-Parker family for consolation cupcakes in lieu of going today.  Ask your child about the fun comics we made using the iPads on Friday in place of the library.  

We will also be walking to the Alameda Theater on April 24, for an Earth Day movie, Born in China.   

Remember to put names on all sweaters/sweatshirts.  Also, please put names on snacks and lunches.


Mrs. Sturlini


Here's a look at what we're working on this week:

Language Arts

  • read-a-loud: Vacation in the Village
  • contractions
  • noting details
  • sight words:      high    school     warm    almost    every    wash


  • counting by 2's
  • group and count objects by 5's, 10's, and and 2's
  • addition and subtraction number stories
  • demonstrate an understanding that numbers from 11-19 are composed of a 10 and some more ones


  • Rice Bowl: Mexico
  • Stations of the Cross
  • God is good


  • clouds


Important dates to remember:

  • March 24-Library field trip  April 28
  • March 29-Crazy Feet Day (crazy shoes & socks with uniform)
  • April 5-Stations of the Cross, 1 p.m.
  • April 6-Mini Maker Fair
  • April 13-Seder Meal
  • April 14-21-Easter Break
  • April 24-Fun Run Kick off
  •              -Earth Day Movie, Born in China, walking field trip
  • April 28-walking field trip to Alameda Library

Other Teacher websites that involve our class


Spanish (Señora Panameño-Bailey)  Physical Education (Mr. Croft) Music (Ms. Holly)