Weekly Update 


Welcome to Transitional Kindergarten!

Thank you to this week's Mystery Reader, Savannah's cousin Tina! She came all the way from the middle eastern country of Kuwait (a T.K. record!) to read, What the Camels said to Santa, by Claudia Farkas Al Rashoud. It was a unique story about the threats that desert animals face in Kuwait. Tina also wore authentic Kuwaiti clothing and spoke about life in Kuwait. Thank you so much for participating!


Letter of the Week: Review Aa, Bb, Cd, Dd

If they wish, students are invited to bring one item from home to share during Letter of the Week activities. The item needs to start with the letter of the week and needs to fit in the small paper bag provided. Please, no fragile or expensive items, and no electronics. 

Tuesday: Michael & Marco

Wednesday: Savannah, Wren & Maxx

Thursday: Will, Christine & Caroline

Friday: William & Joaquin



 Mrs. Hillenbrand


Dates to Remember

October 17 - Harry Potter STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, math) Night

October 25 - Parent Education Night: Children's Literacy

October 26 - Monthly homework DUE

October 30 - October birthdays free dress. Free dress for all students with October birthdays

October 31 - Halloween parade and classroom party. Noon dismissal. 

November 1 - All Souls Day and our first all school mass. TK students will sit with their 7th grade buddies during mass. 


Every Wednesday, dismissal is at 2:10 p.m.