Weekly Overview 


Week of March 27, 2017

Stations of the Cross
Mass on Thursday


Language Arts: Weekly Assessment Friday
Anchor Text: The Black Stallion
Comprehension Skills: Story Structure, characterization, theme
Comprehension Strategy: question
Grammar: Proper Mechanics and Writing Titles
Vocabulary Strategies: Figurative Language


  • salsa                      - siesta
  • mattress                - cargo
  • tycoon                   - vanilla
  • burrito                   - tsunami
  • bandana               - iguana
  • tomato                  - plaza
  • poncho                 - caravan
  • dungarees            - hammock
  • lasso                     - pajamas
  • patio                     - gallant


Challenge: mosquito     cathedral     alligator     tambourine     sombrero


  • fitful: restless; uneasy
  • piercing: having a sharp or high-pitched sound
  • delicacy: an appealing; delicious food
  • savage: wild; fierce
  • descended: traveled downward
  • heave: to swell or bulge
  • quivered: trembled
  • marveling: admiring with wonder
  • diminishing: lessening; growing smaller
  • rhythmic: having a patterned beat

Math- Math Quiz on Tuesday
Math Quiz on Tuesday--it will be on classification of quadrilaterals and triangles
Reviewing hierarchy of quadrilaterals and triangles
Volume of Prisms

Social Studies
Revolutionary War Booklet Project
--Students will work on the booklet in class. They will have specific things they need to work on. If they do not finish it, they will need to finish it at home.

Reviewing pendulums, controlled experiment, and variables
Graphing Results
Science Video Project