Weekly Overview 


Week of April 24, 2017

Religion: Stations of the Cross Prayer Service Wednesday April 5 1pm
Stations of the Cross
Mass on Thursday


Language Arts: Weekly Assessment Friday

We will be spending the rest of the year doing a novel study on The Watsons Go to Birmingham by Christopher Paul Curtis
We will be using all of the comprehension strategies the students have learned throughout the year.

Spelling and Vocabulary Words:

blizzard            cockeye                        egghead            frostbite            grenade

hambone            hostile                        pomade            punctual            reinforcements

skimpy            thermostat                        version            vital                        zombie


juvenile delinquent            demonstration            automatically            miraculous

Math- Quiz on Friday


Social Studies 

3 Branches of Government
Ratifying the Constitution
Federalists vs. Anti-Federalists
Moving West: The Path Finders

Drying a Wet Paper Towel Investigation