Weekly Overview 

 Week of December 4, 2017


The Christmas Story

Building a our class creche--there will be a creche festival in the parish hall on Sunday December 17 after mass. Please come support the school and parish!

Language Arts: Novel Study Test on Tuesday December 12

No POW-Work on editing and rewriting Veteran's Essay

Continue working on novel study assignments, Packets due Monday, December 11

Comprehension Strategy: Sequential Order, Understanding Theme

Spelling Words

  • duties               - trophies
  • earlier              - cozier
  • loveliest           - enemies
  • denied             - iciest
  • ferries              - greediest
  • sunnier            - drowsier
  • terrified            - victories
  • abilities            - horrified
  • dirtier               - memories
  • scariest           - strategies


Challenge:          unified     dictionaries     boundaries     satisfied     tragedies

Math Unit 3 Test on Friday

Writing Division Story Problems
Practicing Division
Preparing for UNit Test

Science: Moon Journal Due 12/15
Discussing the phases of the moon from moon journal 
Planets and Solar System

Social Studies:
World Explorers