Weekly Overview 



Week of October 2, 2017

Religion: Beatitudes and how we can we welcomed to the Kingdom of God

Language Arts:

POW: My favorite holiday

Anchor Text: Quest for the Tree Kangaroo

Comprehension Strategy: Cause and Effect


glory            aware                  carton               adore                  aboard             dairy                  ordeal

pardon         warn                    vary                  barely                  torch               barge                  soar

beware         absorb                armor                  stairway             perform            former


Challenge Spelling: discard, forfeit, orchestra, rarity, hoard 


 beaming: When someone is beaming they are smiling brightly with pleasure and approval

enthusiastic: to be enthusiastic is to show great enjoyment, interest, or approval 

perch: A perch is a place where an animal sits or rests and is usually high and narrow

snug: Something snug is tight and close-fitting

calculate: to calculate is to determine the amount of number of something

transferred: something transferred has been moved from one place to another 

outfitted: If something is outfitted, it has been provided with special equipment

procedure: a procedure is a certain way to do something, such as a medical operation

presence: to have a presence is to be present in a place or thing

dwarfed: something that has been dwarfed has been shortened or made to appear smaller by something else.


Math: Quiz on Friday
Understanding Fractions with Money and Clocks

STEAM: Board Games due!
Be ready to have classmates test your games for trials!

Social Studies:
Native Americans
Students can access the textbook at www.teachtci.com
They should know their username and password