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Weekly Overview 

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful summer. I am looking forward to teaching the incoming class of 4th graders and getting them excited about all they will learn in 4th grade.  

Summer is a wonderful time for students to enjoy vacation, relax, and reconnect with family. Additionally, extensive research has shown that it can also be a time when some of the academic gains made in the prior school year are lost---typically 2 to 3 months of academic growth. The loss results from students not being actively engaged in daily learning activities over the summer.

An important way to support your student to be ready for 4th grade in August is to provide summer learning opportunities, including encouraging them to read daily, reflect on their reading, and engaging them in math related activities. To support your efforts with this, Ms. Turner sent home a summer packet that included both a reading and math focus. Please have your student complete the packet before school starts.

Before entering the 4th grade, students are expected to have demonstrated mastery of their foundational addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts. Please have your student continue to log into www.xtramath.org to accomplish this before school starts. I am able to access the incoming 4th graders information on this website. At the beginning of the school year, I will acknowledge and reward students who have demonstrated mastery of their multiplication & division facts.

Peace & blessings, 

Mr. Sahlman